Why Bogaerts?

Why Bogaerts?


B.I.S. is now the only full accredited IB world school in Brussels.


B.I.S. is also the only school in Brussels that offers weekday boarding facilities.


The Domain Latour de Freins in Uccle, now houses B.I.S., with 6,600 square meters in a wooded park of 9 hectares. It is one such school in Brussels that boasts a vast campus for its students with a state of the art infrastructure.


B.I.S. is proud of it’s multi-cultural community with over 45 nationalities spanning across the globe.


B.I.S. curriculum is structured and an experienced leadership team guarantees that the learning programme is solid and indisputable.


The learning program at B.I.S. is highly adaptive , keeping in mind that each child is unique and has varied learning abilities. Hence, special attention is given to each child to ensure they are enhanced and optimized .


Our classrooms-have no more than 20 students which allows for  personalized  and  close relationships  with every child in our care.


At B.I.S. we strive to actively involve each student in the many  Community and Service opportunities including environmental projects, projects to help the under privileged, charity / fundraising events etc.


As part of the IBDP, CAS ensures international mindedness which is a prime quality of a true global citizen. Classroom learning transforms into real life learning experiences as students embark on expeditions to local or overseas destinations where, in addition to on site assignments and assessments, students are engaged in doing their bit for humanity.


The B.I.S. Teachers community  hail from over 20 countries and range from IB examiners, workshop leaders and school visiting members ensuring an abundant pedagogical expertise.


Through Collaboration with various activity schools, students are not just provided with excellent academic experience but also a plethora of extra curricular activities ranging from sports to performing arts to workshops, to encourage logical and critical thinking abilities.

Life at Bogaerts

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Our Vision

Our vision is to develop students who can apply knowledge, skills and principles to contribute to the global community.  Thus, Bogaerts International School curriculum focuses on the individual learner, and seeks to foster both personal and academic growth through relevant and forward-thinking learning experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combine passionate, technologically innovative, student-centered approaches to teaching and learning with shared community values to foster a love of inquiry, and therefore a dedication to positive action around the world.

Our Philosophy

Bogaerts International School holds these values above all others:

  • Respect: recognizing the importance of all parts of a community equally and valuing ourselves, others and our surroundings;
  • Integrity: possessing the qualities of honesty and fairness, and applying those qualities to the learning community to improve it;
  • Collaboration: engaging members of the learning community to enhance motivation and the quality of learning;
  • Family: fostering a sense of safety and trust within the learning community;
  • Innovation: instilling knowledge and skills within the learning community that prepare students for their futures in a changing and increasingly digitized world.
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