Feedback offers weekly coding sessions on Scratch for children from 10 to 14 years old. These sessions are intended to teach them the basics of programming and computer logic, while having fun of course!

It is through the creation of video games that your child will develop the skills necessary for any good developer.

The code can make real the dragons of our imaginary world!

Learning the code is the art of making mistakes! Here, there is no pressure. We want you to be wrong and to understand why! The school sometimes approaches the courses of programming, but always in a frame too strict to allow the freedom to choose what we wants to do, to choose what motivates us.

We want to help children understand how all this is possible through games they have imagined and build. Thanks to the Scratch software developed by MIT in 2006, millions of children are learning to use this graphic language to develop their own interactive stories, their own games.

More info? Please email us: feedback.asbl@gmail.com


We strive to present scientific and engineering concepts in a way that is both understandable, and entertaining to young people, with the hope that we can ignite a curiosity and appreciation that might not otherwise be present.

Created in 2001, our tennis school aims to transmit our passion for tennis to children from 3 years old. A dynamic team, in perpetual training, listening to your needs and objectives.
Our school offers an annual cycle of tennis, dance and multisport lessons. A dynamic team, in perpetual training, listening to your needs and objectives.

In order to guarantee quality education and keep this family spirit that characterizes us, the groups will be formed according to the age and level of the child. Groups include a maximum of 4 children.

Annual activities
To combine before or after tennis you may choose a variety of activities, from Zumba to Hip-Hop, for more information please see our website or download the “What”s on Campus?” flyer.

Contact us: vanessa@cta-tennis.be

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